آثار اعضای گروه نقاشان سپند

Khalil Samaei Jablou

-Born in 1966 in Ardebil, Iran

-Master Paintings

- khanehdoost Free art schoolmaster

-Member of the Painting Departmentof Vocational and Technical

-27 years experience in field ofpainting and art

-Performing the sand sculpturefestival in Ira r />

 : Exhibition

 : 18 Exhibition

Seyhoun, Afrand, laleh, hajme sabz,khaneh doost, Ardebil Culture House, House of Culture Babolsar ... Gallery

 : 60 group exhibitions inIran

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art,Esfahan Museum of Contemporary, Design Karaj,Tehran Art Expo

Seyhoun , Afrand , laleh , hajmesab ry

 :  Exhibitions Abroad

 Italy; Palace Venice 2010 -Dubai 2009Total art gallery - America 2009 Columbia University

 : Awards

Honored (appreciation)in the 4thBiennial of Islamic World Painting 1385

Honored (honor prize) SeventhNational Contemporary Painting Biennial 1386

Honored (honor prize) in the yearlyvisual art exhibition of universities' masters, 1384


Arbitration: The

Judging more than 26 cultural andartistic festivals and competitions in  iran

Judging the Sandy SculptureFestival 1384,1385,1389

آثار اعضای گروه نقاشان سپند خلیل سمائی جابلو