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about Sepsnd Painters Group

Where are we standing?
The painter expresses different figures and reflection of reality according to explaining concepts and communicating with addresses , and approaches to the simplest type and reflect his thoughts .what is significant in painting is permanent analysis of reality to reavel the nature objects and environment for the best finding by an artist .sentiment to painting around the word for an artist is that he feels expressing himself and it is clear that message of such a work will be made from its inside .

this message sometimes are transitted by artist and sometimes by a group whom gathers its unknown and unclear necessity for experiencing and enjoying undoubtedly workshop and moving in group is a movement wich is originated automatically and from inside will promise to achieve new behaviors and its result will be something else , experience with high value for accessing lost chain of humans inside wich calling where we are standing on earth .work necessity for painters and vesation in essence of objects and nature have both fun and pains definitely regadless of its messages. Here, the message is neither what others recognize based on tradiyion and customes nor taste and current tendency, but are sponse to ambiguous pervasive pain that originated from all thoughtful people and painter removes any external froms and whatever on face to escape from it and tries to search for meaning in order to draw ambiguous puzzle in the world.
Sepand Art Group